APRIL 8, 2021

The end of this first quarter into 2021 marks another milestone for Flowable: version 3.9 has just been released and is now available to all Flowable users. The main focus of this release is improved experience. User experience, allowing configurable and personalized data views and a better overview of system health and performance. Customer experience, bringing yet another chat application connector into the platform, Line, allowing for closer and more personal customer communication.

The 3.9 release brings new features, as well as multiple enhancements and fixes across all Flowable products. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Flowable Engage – Line chat connector now available

Flowable Engage allows you to chat with your clients on multiple real-time chat applications like WhatsApp, WeChat and custom mobile apps.

For all the current WeChat users, as the application itself has extended its capabilities with image content, so did we at Flowable by adding image support to the WeChat connector.

Now, a connector to the popular Line chat app is also available on the platform, supporting images, video and audio content and enriching Flowable’s engagement capabilities.

Flowable Work – improved usability for data views

As a user, you can now define your own favorite configurations for data tables, choosing the columns, sorting and filtering that you want to use. Several different favorites can be defined, with the option to make them “quick links” for easily switching between favorite views.

Flowable Design – enhanced user experience and model performance

  • Enhanced user experience for working with apps and models.

  • Models can have multiple tags, allowing easy filtering to find the right models.

  • Improved viewing and performance for apps with large numbers of models.

Flowable Control – system health and performance view

Many system components can now be monitored in real-time and in greater detail. The job execution monitoring provides critical insight to the current performance of the engines. A new system information page gives all the details of core system features and configurations, allowing quick validation of set up of each connected Flowable engine, including the ability to change some dynamically.

Flowable Automation Engines – BPMN, CMMN

Dynamic, multi-activity workflows, such as parallel approvals by a number of people, have become almost effortless, following a complete re-engineering of Multi-Instance handling. Executing complete sub processes against a collection of data and having full control and aggregation of results becomes easy. This brings low code capabilities right to the heart of sophisticated business automation.

Full details of all the enhancements and fixes can be found in the online Release Notes.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, please carefully read the Upgrade Information.

Try out Flowable 3.9 now!

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