DECEMBER 21, 2022

Holidays are just around the corner, and we are releasing Flowable 3.13 as a year-end gift to all our Flowable users. This is our latest and last release this year, bringing some requested enhancements and new features.  

Let’s have a look in detail:  

Shorter feedback cycles and more customization through scripts 

If you participated in FlowFest 2022, you already know we have been putting more emphasis on bringing scripting to the next level, setting the foundation for going to the cloud.  

With release 3.13, you can now define custom extensions inside process and case models using scripts, instead of external Java code. The ability to use scripts has been taken to the deepest levels of the Flowable engines, including for task and execution listeners; actions; HTTP handlers, and more. Plus, many additional utility functions in scripts for working with Flowable objects and JSON.  


More integration and configuration options 

New in release 3.13, is support for no-code integration to AWS SNS messages, in addition to its existing support for event services. Furthermore, Flowable’s integration framework, the Service Registry, can use IMAP, OAuth2, and custom authentication tokens when communicating with external systems.  

For optimized operation and data storage, the standard integration with ElasticSearch can now be configured to control the Flowable variables that are indexed.  


Visual support for BPMN error handling 

Release 3.13 brings expanded support for handling BPMN errors by adding visual components to improve error visibility and quick identification of BPMN errors. 


Improved usability and visibility of automation information 

From convenience features, such as exporting Data Table contents by users as CSV/Microsoft Excel files, to enhanced views of case and process details for system administrators, there’s a range of improvements we’ve made. Whether it’s Master Data management, end-user forms, or debugging, there are benefits from customer feedback for everyone. 

Try Flowable 3.13 now 

Full details of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Release Notes. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please carefully read the Upgrade Information.  

Want to know more about release 3.13? Flowable’s Solution Architect, Valentin Zickner, and Principal Software Architect, Joram Barrez, guide you through the main features in this video:

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