JULY 28, 2022

Flowable 3.12 is our latest release, bringing many requested enhancements and new features to all Flowable users. Flowable 3.12 is driven by customer feedback and focuses mainly on UI and Integration for building even richer business interfaces for automation apps. 

Let’s have a look in detail:  

More dynamic custom interfaces and forms 

To start off, we have further extended our case views to make building custom user interfaces easier and more dynamic.  

This includes a custom app view to provide a specialized and focused user experience for specific apps, all model-driven. Additionally, we have also enabled custom icons for user events and manually activated user tasks to give more possibilities for creating business interfaces.  

Creating next-level, interactive forms is now possible, with additional and enhanced form components, and a new event framework that allows more complex dynamic interactions and extensions.  

Event Testing with Flowable Inspect 

Flowable 3.12 has brought some big changes to event testing with Flowable Inspect. Flowable Inspect has now added support for debugging processes and case events, making it faster and easier to develop and test models for real projects of any complexity.  

With 3.12, Flowable Inspect allows you to fully test your module without having to worry about things such as complex setups, Kafka topics, and clearing up the data. It’s all about testing your models with the event registry. 

Flowable Release 3.12 Preview Interface

Extended event registry 

Another focus for this release was further integration enhancements for scaling and performance. This includes many improvements for event-based integration.  

We have extended the event registry, especially for Kafka, such as adding a sophisticated configuration of Kafka including options for partitioning, dead letter, and retry topics. 

Flowable Control and housekeeping 

We have significantly improved housekeeping to make it more performant.  The new optimized housekeeping helps to scale faster by allowing the rapid clean-up large volumes of historic data.  

Additionally, Flowable 3.12 brings many new administrative features to Flowable Control, such as bulk termination of processes and case, and management of administrators’ capabilities.

Flowable Release 3.12 Preview Kafka

Further enhancements for better performance include:  

  • Advanced model-based error handling is now possible for web services 

  • Support for Amazon S3 and Blob Storage for storing content

  • Support for OpenSearch in addition to Elasticsearch

  • Support for JSON as a datatype for Data Objects

  • Added support for the WhatsApp adapter to handle a number change event

Full details of all the enhancements and fixes can be found in the online Release Notes. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please carefully read the Upgrade Information

Try out Flowable 3.12 with our 30-day free trial.

Want to know more about Flowable 3.12? Flowable’s Solution Architect, Valentin Zickner, and Principal Software Architect, Joram Barrez, guide you through the main features of release 3.12 in this video:

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