APRIL 28, 2017

Today we released the first bug fix version of the Flowable 6 engine (6.0.1).

The 6.0.1 release has the following highlights:


  • First bug fix release for Flowable 6!

  • Improved LDAP support for the UI apps

  • The i18n in the UI apps is now pluggable and there are some first additional languages included

  • Improved event sub process support with nested event sub process support for non interrupting ones

  • More hit policy support in the DMN Engine. The Decision Table editor will be updated in the Flowable 6.1.0 release. The DMN Engine API has been refactored to take into account single and multiple output result objects.

  • Various small bugfixes all around.

A big thank you to the whole Flowable team for making this release possible. You can use the forum to ask specific questions about the 6.0.1 release, any feedback is welcome.

Tijs_Rademakers_MG 8595

Tijs Rademakers

VP Engineering

BPM enthusiast and Flowable project lead

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