FlowFest 2023, relive the highlights

DECEMBER 4, 2023

FlowFest’23, our annual online event, brought together automation experts and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and real-world use cases.

Watch all the event recordings to get a taste of the insightful talks and keynotes from November 8th.

The thought-provoking keynote featuring former Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz and Flowable co-founder Paul Holmes-Higgin discussed the significance of process automation in light of emerging trends like AI and their impact on the automation space.

Gartner’s Paul Vincent covered the top Hyperautomation trends and the future of automation in his insightful session. 

FlowFest offered parallel tracks for both IT and business audiences interested in Flowable:

Last but not least, watch here our CEO, Agim Emruli’s keynote on where we envision Flowable’s future and its place in the automation space.

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