NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Due to an unforeseeable worldwide pandemic, it has been quiet around FlowFest over the past two years. But we used this time to evolve and enrich business process management to meet the overarching needs of business automation.

In 2022 we were finally able to host FlowFest again, organizing an even better event to showcase our contributions to providing a platform to create and evolve innovative end-to-end business processes.

For those not familiar with the event: FlowFest is a yearly free event, where we host talks, live product demos, and more. It is all about bringing automation enthusiasts together and discussing the endless opportunities with Flowable and Intelligent Business Process Automation.

In case you missed FlowFest 2022, here are the main highlights of this year's event:

Breaking down barriers

Traditionally, FlowFest was an on-site event. But this year, we decided to host it online. Why? Because our community is worldwide and it's growing. Having the event online was a way to extend the FlowFest invitation to as many people while maintaining the community aspect of the event.

A broader view of Intelligent Business Process Automation

This year we decided to have 3 different streams during the event: An Architect Stream, a Tech Stream, and a Business Stream. In the Tech and Architect Streams, attendees could engage with the Flowable team to see our latest developments and future vision, while the Business Stream was all about real-world scenarios and innovative automation solutions from our customers.

Inviting customers across countries

In the spirit of community and breaking down barriers, we have invited customers to talk about their innovative solutions. We wanted attendees to see how Flowable is implemented in real-world use cases around the globe.

Watch all FlowFest 2022 sessions

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