MARCH 4, 2019

We are pleased to announce that in 2019, Flowable will again participate in bpmNEXT, which is now in its 7th year.

The event which will take place in Santa Barbara, California on April 15 – 17 remains the definitive showcase of the next generation of Business Process Management– covering Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Decision Management, Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, AI, the Internet of Things, Process Mining, and the next generation of BPMS platforms.

It´s not a typical “how to” conference aimed at BPM newcomers. It is designed specifically for those already chest-deep in BPM and wanting to get in early on the next generation of process innovation technology – touch it, see it, and influence it.

Presentations are not case studies of past successes, but vision statements on where we need to go next. With over 20 leading-edge sessions, including the full gamut of technology spearheading the next wave of process innovation, combined with the “Business of BPM” workshop,  you  get the chance to participate in the future of BPM.

An insight to some of the work at Flowable will be presented in “The Case of the Intentional Process” given by our Chief Product Officer, Paul Holmes-Higgin, and our Chief Technology Officer, Micha Kiener.

To give you a little forecast of what you can expect from the event, have a look at the Flowable talk "Making process personal" voted “Best in Show” by all attendees of the bpmNEXT 2018.

Be part of the industry leading bpmNEXT conference 2019 to experience “what´s next” and register now.

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