FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Flowable core developers Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez continue the Flowable + serverless journey by looking at other technologies that make a serverless “process as a function” possible.

In part 1, they discussed what serverless is, its challenges with regards to the Flowable engines and demonstrated implementations using Flowable with Spring Cloud (including running it on AWS Lambda), Micronaut and GraalVM.

In this follow-up part, they look closer this time at implementing such a functions using Flowable combined with Spring Fu and building a native image with GraalVM. The end result is an incredible 13 milliseconds bootup time for a full-fledged Flowable-powered function!

Joram Barrez_MG 7807

Joram Barrez

Principal Software Architect

A core developer at Flowable with over a decade of experience in open source software and of building scalable process engines. He co-founded the Activiti project (on which Flowable is based) and was part of the JBoss jBPM team before that.

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