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FlowFest’19 the Flowable Community Event


This year we’ll be holding our community event near Heidelberg in Germany, kindly hosted by SAP at their HQ in Walldorf. And, same as last year, there’s no fee to attend but we do need people to register ahead of time.

So, why would you want to come? Well, it’s your chance to meet a number of open source doyens and have selfies taken, obviously. More usefully, it’s a chance to spend time with people that really use Flowable in anger and people that understand the internals of the most sophisticated set of case and process management engines available.

Last year, the event was in the vibrant city of Barcelona, hosted by Dow Jones. The videos from some of those sessions are available on our channel on YouTube here. The slides are also up on SlideShare here.

This year, you can expect to hear about new features in more detail (some will be still warm after just being cooked in the engineering ovens), and more interestingly, what’s planned for the future. You’ll also hear how different people are using Flowable for real. It’s very much a technical event, with minimal Marketing fluff to distract. I say minimal because I usually get excited about what we’re doing at Flowable and sound like a marketeer high on opportunities and potentials.

The agenda will come together over the next month, and we are interested to hear from anyone that would like to present their use of Flowable. If you’re thinking about presenting, just DM me (Paul) on forum.flowable.org.

We’re expecting a good number of people, so make sure you register early as it’s on a first-come basis. Why wait? Sign up now!

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Paul Holmes-Higgin


Co-founder of Flowable and a long-time Open Source advocate, that he believes still has an important role to play in making innovation more widely available.

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