APRIL 15, 2018

This is a major release, bringing significant performance improvements, as well as some key features moving out of experimental phase, plus full support for Spring Boot 2.0.  Check the completely revised documentation for more details.  The highlights are listed below.


  • Performance enhancements, read details here: https://www.flowable.com/blog/flowable-6-3-0-performance-benchmark/

  • Dynamic task and subprocess injection into running process instances is now fully supported

  • History can be configured on individual process definitions

  • A new ‘triggerable‘ service task that executes services externally and calls the engine when done

  • Support for a transaction-lifecycle based event listener


  • CMMN is now a fully supported engine

  • REST API support for all CMMN services and operations

  • Support for asynchronous service tasks, required rule, autocomplete, completion neutral, User event listeners and manual activation rules

  • Script task type has been added

  • Support for viewing and managing CMMN data in the Admin app


  • Support for collection expressions, such as IN and NOT IN

  • Improved decision table editor user experience

  • Support for viewing and managing decision executions in the Admin app


  • All apps have been fully updated to use Spring Boot 2.0. One property file is used for configuration

  • Support for expressions in the options fields, including dropdown, radio and hyperlink fields

  • Support for a password fields in the form editor and runtime

  • Multi–tenancy support in the Modeler by defining the active tenant in the Modeler property file

Available on GitHub.



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