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Flowable 6.3.1 release

MAY 22, 2018

Author: Tijs Rademakers

Where to get it:

The source code can be found on Github: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/tree/flowable-6.3.1


  • Introduction of an app engine, so apps are now a first class citizen and the process engine is not misused any more to handle app deployments. When starting the Flowable Task application all app deployments are automatically migrated to the new app engine.

  • Added async history support to the CMMN engine.

  • Added more history information to the CMMN engine with historic plan items.

  • Improved the Spring Boot support and upgraded to Spring Boot 2.0.2.

  • Enhanced debugger in the Flowable Task application to evaluate expressions and scripts.

  • Made the job service more generic with the scope type property to improve the possibility to run different job handlers for different job types.

  • Various small bugfixes all around.

Community contributors

  • Pascal Schumacher (PascalSchumacher)

  • Amina Zoheir (AminaZoheir)

  • Toni (ttonl)

  • David Malkovsky (dbmalkovsky)

  • Michael Lippens (mlippens)

Upgrade notes

Package renaming

To make the Flowable modules compatible with OSGi and Java 9 modules some package renaming was needed to prevent clashes. The renaming has been done according to this pattern org.flowable.engine.common -> org.flowable.common.engine

StrongUuidGenerator usage with Spring Boot

The Spring Boot process auto configuration now uses the StrongUuidGenerator. In case you were overwriting the default one you can remove that. In case you want to keep using the DbIdGenerator, then just add the following bean to your configuration:



    public EngineConfigurationConfigurer processEngineDbIdGeneratorConfigurer() {

        return engineConfiguration -> engineConfiguration.setIdGenerator(new DbIdGenerator());


The default values of the DbIdGenerator would be filled in during the creation of the Process Engine.


The default IdmEngineConfigurator and SpringIdmEngineConfigurator have been moved from org.flowable.app.engine.impl.cfg and org.flowable.spring.configurator to org.flowable.idm.engine.configurator and org.flowable.idm.spring.configurator respectively. In case you have used them please replace your imports.

Async history classes package change

The async history classes have been moved from the process engine module to the job service, to make them available for other components. Generally, the packages now have job.service added to make this clear.

Classes with regards to async history collection and execution (AbstractAsyncHistoryJobHandler, AsyncHistoryJobHandler, AsyncHistoryListener, AsyncHistorySessionFactory, AsyncHistorySession, DefaultAsyncHistoryJobProducer, HistoryJsonTransformer) in the org.flowable.engine.impl.history.async have been moved to the org.flowable.job.service.impl.history.async package.

  • Classes related to executing async jobs using a message queue (most notably AsyncHistoryJobMessageHandler and AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver) have been moved from the org.flowable.engine.impl.asyncexecutor.message to the org.flowable.job.service.impl.asyncexecutor.message package. 

  • Similarly, for executing async history jobs using a message queue: the classes in the package org.flowable.engine.impl.history.async.message are now found in the org.flowable.job.service.impl.history.async.message package.

Updating the imports is sufficient when upgrading.

Tijs_Rademakers_MG 8595

Tijs Rademakers

VP Engineering

BPM enthusiast and Flowable project lead.

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