OCTOBER 17, 2022

Flowable was present at Europe’s leading developer conference, Devoxx, in Antwerp, Belgium, this October. During the 5-days conference the developers community got together to explore the latest technology advancements with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.

Flowable's core developers, Joram Barrez and Filip Hrisafov, took the stage to talk about "how to tame the event chaos with a workflow engine"

We have all been there...

After building a good solution, with a set of well-architected microservices, a shiny UI and tying it all together with event sourcing using Kafka, requests from different departments come in. The legal department might want insights into which data is used and by whom. The marketing department wants to generate daily PDF reports for the website. Management wants a ticket to be created whenever something goes wrong with a business-critical event. And yet another department wants to reuse some of the events for customized integration with a legacy system.

You see the problem unfolding, a cobweb of scattered data and services calling each other or external API's. And nobody around anymore can keep the oversight.

But fear not...

There is a way to solve these problems with a workflow engine, implementing the BPMN (process), CMMN (case), and DMN (rules) standards. Watch the full talk here:

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