Releases | DECEMBER 17, 2021

Address complexity much easier with Flowable Release 3.11

This 3.11 release has a lot of emphasis on making it easier to do complex things in Flowable – easier to work with data and data services, easier to keep track of historical data, a more seamless user experience.Read more

Releases | OCTOBER 12, 2021

Gain complete control of your data with Flowable 3.10 release

In the latest release 3.10, Flowable’s focus is on two major topics: Data objects modeling with no-code/low-code capabilities, and native Mobile application.Read more

News | JUNE 8, 2021

mimacom-Flowable Group records strong revenue and company growth in 2020

In fiscal year 2020, the mimacom-Flowable Group once again reported a strong increase in sales, new customers and company size.Read more

Releases | APRIL 8, 2021

Flowable Release 3.9 brings a better customer and user experience

The main focus of this release 3.9 is improved user and customer experience.Read more

Releases | DECEMBER 16, 2020

Manage the complexity with Flowable 3.8

Flowable 3.8 adds completely new features and enhances existing ones to help you manage the complexity of designing and running large scale Intelligent Business Automation projects.Read more

News | DECEMBER 2, 2020

Flowable-mimacom Group with double-digit sales growth in 2019

The mimacom-Flowable Group draws a positive balance for the financial year 2019. Only one year after the fusion of the companies mimacom and Flowable (formerly edorasware) under a common umbrella company, the group of companies continues to grow.Read more


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