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Engineering | SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

Flowable orchestration of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop – RPA for free

In this post, I’m going to show you how to run Microsoft’s RPA product from Flowable.  The full and complete way of doing this is by using Microsoft Power Automate Cloud to remotely drive Microsoft …Read more

Flowable engineering blog post hero
Engineering | AUGUST 30, 2021

Flowable 6.7.0 Release

The 6.7.0 release is a long awaited new version of the Flowable Engines. This release has taken longer than it was initially planned and we will try to meet timelines better for the next release. …Read more

Flowable engineering blog post hero
Engineering | JUNE 16, 2021

Flowable: Open for Digital Business

When anyone uses the word “open” in the same sentence as “Flowable”, people usually assume they’re talking about open source.  Often, that will be true, but there are other aspects of openness that are also …Read more

Business | JUNE 10, 2021

Flowable’s CMMN in action, part five – insurance claim, independent actions across a case

Once an insurance claim’s case is opened, CMMN allows you to follow pre-defined steps to automatically handle it.Read more

Business | JUNE 2, 2021

Flowable’s CMMN in action, part four – handle and complete claims case

Digitalizing processes leads to higher efficiency and increased productivity. To benefit from operational advantages, companies need to find the right solution to easily orchestrate even dynamic and evolving business processes. Flowable´s CMMN comes in haRead more

Business | MAY 27, 2021

Flowable’s CMMN in action, part three – using substages and milestones to investigate insurance claims

Flowable addresses complexity using Case Management, allowing insurance companies to control every level of it in a model based approach.Read more


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