Business | APRIL 21, 2023

Flowable Cloud Editions: the start of a new journey

You may have noticed that we’ve been making more noise about “cloud”, having recently launched the Flowable Work cloud edition and the Flowable Design cloud edition. Read more

Engineering | MARCH 27, 2023

Elevate your BPMN models: Streamlining error handling with Flowable's latest features in 3.13 and OSS 6.8

This post explores error handling in BPMN models. Techniques include centralized error handling, support for BPMN erros in execution and task listeners, enhancing BPMN model maintainability and effectiveness.Read more

Engineering | FEBRUARY 6, 2023

From (Low-)Code to Production

In this article, we discuss the different deployment models you can use - for your code and some more abstract artifacts like models.Read more

Engineering | DECEMBER 2, 2022

MS Office 365 Exchange OAuth2 IMAP Authentication with Flowable - Part 2 Access Mailbox

Welcome to Part 2 of this series. Part 1 covered the Azure setup and testing. Now we are going to showcase how to configure Flowable and Spring Boot and finally how to use plain Spring and javax.mail to access a mailbox over IMAP.Read more

Engineering | NOVEMBER 29, 2022

MS Office 365 Exchange OAuth2 IMAP Authentication with Flowable - Part 1 Azure Setup

Over the last months, Microsoft has been gradually for Microsoft Exchange Online protocols like POP and IMAP. The last opportunity to…Read more

Engineering | SEPTEMBER 7, 2022

Escape from Legacy

With common origins and some recent open source updates to Flowable’s engines, it is possible to migrate a Camunda 7 or Activiti 5/6 instance to Flowable in-place, including active processes and history.Read more


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