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Business | MAY 17, 2022

Composable and Flowable: making automation work for you

The needs of a business to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and provide new solutions as quickly but reliably as possible have never been more critical. However, it’s not always clear how different technologies might help deliver on the concepts. Read more

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Business | APRIL 27, 2022

Starting your Composability Journey: 5 steps to an intelligent enterprise

Transitioning from a traditional approach to business to a composable one takes time. We suggest focusing on five aspects to start your transition to a composable business.Read more

Business | APRIL 5, 2022

Composability: the future of enterprises

With talk of a new world order in the global economy, where basics such as energy and food prices are soaring, there's increasing business insecurity and volatility. To stay competitive and grow, companies need to quickly adapt to these arising challenges.Read more

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Business | MARCH 24, 2022

Reacting when your UI framework reaches end of life

Our long-serving automation editing application, Flowable Design, was built using the AngularJS UI framework. Time to react. Well, to React.Read more

Business | FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Using Reusability To Unlock Business Value Faster

In a highly competitive and fast-growing market, being able to decrease your time to market is essential. Reusability allows a more sustainable way of working. It saves time and resources, reducing users’ work and the risk of making mistakes.Read more

Business | DECEMBER 16, 2021

No-Code, Low-Code or Pro-Code? What you need is right code

In the business automation market there’s a lot of interest in low-code, which has acted as a spur for different vendors and analysts to position themselves around this. For no-coders, low-code still means code, which is just not a good enough answer; forRead more


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