Business | MARCH 13, 2023

Navigating the future: How Business Process Automation helps to master 4 global megatrends

Summary: Enterprises have often responded to crises in a reactive manner which is generally forced. Because these actions are not forethought…Read more

Business | JANUARY 26, 2023

RPA, BPM and LCAP – Choosing the right automation technology

As the enterprise automation market grows, businesses can consider a wide range of valid technology options to tackle their projects, which can quickly lead to enterprises being overwhelmed as to which automation technology to adopt. Read more

Business | NOVEMBER 14, 2022

5 tips to start your business process automation journey

Automating the most important executions gives the organization the crucial capability to focus on strategic decisions rather than stressing about day-to-day work procedures. Here are 5 tips to get you started in your business automation journey.Read more

Business | MAY 17, 2022

Composable and Flowable: making automation work for you

The needs of a business to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and provide new solutions as quickly but reliably as possible have never been more critical.Read more

Business | APRIL 27, 2022

Starting your Composability journey: 5 steps to an intelligent enterprise

Transitioning from a traditional approach to business to a composable one takes time. We suggest focusing on five aspects to start your transition to a composable business.Read more

Business | APRIL 5, 2022

Composability: the future of enterprises

We live in times of increased business insecurity and volatility. To stay competitive and grow, companies need to quickly adapt to these arising challenges.Read more


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