The exclusive Checklist: 7 Steps to effectively transform your Customer Service

JUNE 29, 2020

With the ongoing trend for mobile communication, companies must do all that they can to offer easily accessible customer service. While many companies expect their clients just using their established service channels e.g. contact forms or hotlines, it is important to point out the meaning of user-friendly solutions. In this blog post, we will outline the importance of good customer service, explain why messenger integrations such as Flowable Engage play a crucial role in customer communication today and guide you through 7 steps to improve your company´s service.

Excellent customer service as the success factor of today´s world

To be successful in today’s competitive business world, companies must persuade their clients with outstanding customer service. Not without reason is this seen as the success factor across all industries. As more and more products enter the market and differences between competing offers become smaller it is your chance to set your company apart by delighting customers with great service.

Modern customer service adapts to contemporary customer needs

In the last few years, there has been a marked change in what satisfies customers. Today it is a personal communication, quick answers, efficient advice, and continuous availability. Messenger services offer significant potential in this respect. As billions of users rely on these services, they quickly became the relevant communication channel for exceptional customer service and help you meet the needs of your customers.

  • With messengers, customers perceive companies as personal contacts, because they also use the channel for friends and family. By using messengers for customer service, you are on the same level of com­munication as private contacts.

  • Thanks to the use of messengers, customer service can answer several inquiries fast and simultaneously without any loss of service quality.

  • The use of messengers creates more efficiency also for customers. Long waiting times, repeated calls, or annoying appointments belong to the past.

  • Messenger services allow your company to become available anytime from anywhere in the world.

Challenge: Compliance and Automation

To maintain customer communication secure and safe, companies must use messenger integrations such as Flowable. The integration of a messenger into your systems optimizes your service thanks to automation, compliance, and documentation based on an integrated business process management platform. This means, in contrast to conventional messengers, integrations of these channels ensure legal certainty and integrity. This allows your company to unite innovative communication channels with the highest safety requirements and even provide cost effectiveness based on automated processes.

Explore the 7 steps to transform your customer service with messenger services

Checklists are more than a random collection of tasks you need to get done. They provide a practical way to step aside from previous routines by following a new series of actions. This way they allow you to reduce failure, ensure performance, and safeguard reaching your targets. Flowable Engage supports you in this process, so get started to tick off this checklist: Here are 7 steps that will guide you the way through your transformative journey leading to successful customer service and increased process quality!

  • Information is key: Before you start using messengers for your customer service, you may want to find out more about messenger integrations and get an overview of the features and services that meet your company´s needs. Which aspects are most important to you? How secure are different channels? What role does compliance play? Inform yourself before you implement a solution.

  • Your colleagues can provide important insights: Discuss together with the key departments, such as customer service, sales, marketing, or others, where there is a need and which potential use cases are most promising or which processes need to be optimized. Do you need an enhanced process to give updates about orders or do you want to handle complaints differently? Knowing your most common use-cases will help you find the optimum solution.

  • Benefit from experts: When you contact Flowable you will work with our consultants, customer interaction specialists, and UX experts to develop the perfect solution for integrating messengers into your working environment. Discover the potential for automation and artificial intelligence. This way you benefit from expertise, knowledge, and thus increase investment security and solution quality.

  • Develop guidelines for consistent and professional customer service via messengers: Within what time frame will you answer inquiries? In what tone do you communicate? When do you switch to other communication channels such as phone or on-site appointments? Do you use emojis? Answering these questions will help you set up rules for a uniform and qualitative use of messenger services.

  • Ensure great results on the long term: Before the new communication channel is rolled out, Flowable defines a pilot group together with you. After successful testing, the full release will follow. Clarify your questions at any time with our expert support. Flowable supports you in all steps from the project start to the commissioning.

  • Regularly evaluate with your service team, based on current figures and customer feedback: Which mechanisms and workflows you would like to maintain? Is any improvement needed? How do customers react to the new solution? What is their feedback?

  • Ready for further improvements? Contact Flowable if you would like to add enhanced messenger services or if you wish to have additional automation. We will support you and your customer service in your digital transformation.

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