JANUARY 20, 2021

The international consulting company Accenture and the software provider Flowable have agreed on a partnership. The goal: to address the increasing demand for business process automation through joint services, especially in the banking and insurance environment. The decision was made after several successful project collaborations with a joint Tier 1 bank customer.

Partnership for international customer projects

Accenture brings to the partnership its in-depth expertise in digitization and business processes for major clients. As a leading consulting services provider for digitalization, cloud and security, the company has offices around the world so that Swiss clients can be served internationally. Several Accenture consultants have already been trained in Flowable trainings for collaboration in previous joint projects. In addition, important experiences for the cooperation with Flowable have been gained within these projects. Accenture is currently expanding its international Flowable competence.

Successful cooperation

“Flowable and Accenture have meet each other during joint customer projects. The positive cooperation has persuaded us to carry out further client projects together,” says Roman Hiestand, Managing Director at Accenture Technology in Financial Services. He particularly appreciates the flexibility of the Flowable software:

“Flowable addresses the increased demand for solutions for intelligent business process automation. This helps to drive digitization forward in the shortest possible time. At the same time, Flowable serves the important trend of conversational engagement and integrates popular messenger services into digital service processes. “

Agim Emruli, CEO of Flowable AG, comments:

“With Accenture we have a globally operating consulting company on our side. This enables us to support clients and projects that require implementation in multiple locations, including outside of Switzerland.”

He also sees great added value in the expertise for the financial industry: “Our clients benefit from Accenture’s business process expertise in the financial industry, which is one of our largest client groups. “

In addition to Flowable software, Flowable also offers its own implementation services, but is increasingly relying on global implementation partners due to the growing worldwide demand.

Urgent need for digitization and automation for businesses

Digitization and automation confront companies worldwide with the challenge of providing efficient solutions. Especially in the finance and insurance industry, new standards are therefore establishing themselves on a global level regarding customer service and efficient processing. The advantage: Thanks to documented and digitally implemented processes, companies create the basis for automation, improve customer processes at all touch points and at the same time ensure compliance thanks to traceability and audit-proof logging of all activities.

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