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MAY 7, 2020

The Messenger integration of Flowable Engage promises great potential for customers with high service requirements. This makes it possible to get closer to customers, even in times of social distancing.

They can easily be integrated into the system landscape and revolutionize customer communication: popular messengers are currently proving their potential for consultation services of banks, insurance companies and other businesses that maintain their customer service in times of social distancing and remote work. The greatest value of these messengers is particularly achieved when they are integrated into a company’s information infrastructure.

Digitization as a mantra in the crisis

In times where digitalization has become the inevitable mantra for companies during the crisis, the demand for digital communication solutions is particularly high. Public access is limited, customer centers are empty. As long as customer service is running in social-distancing mode, consultants, service staff and other contact persons can only be reached virtually. The problem with this is that direct customer service is reduced to a minimum, so there won´t be any professional personal communication, right?

No, not necessarily! The reason behind this is that a look at current trends in customer behavior proves something else: private and professional exchanges are increasingly taking place digitally, and the smartphone is becoming the most frequently used communication channel. This means that digital solutions for efficient customer communication are needed in order to make it possible for companies to communicate with customers personally and comfortably via smartphone. Such service is not only crucial for risk groups, but also enables companies to establish individual customer contact and optimize workflows. This is exactly where Flowable Engage comes in.

Automated workflows with Flowable Engage

With Flowable Engage, messenger services such as WhatsApp and WeChat can be individually connected to the applications that companies are already working with in their business routines. Documents can be exchanged directly via chat, and automatic follow-up processes can be initiated thanks to the business and case management platform Flowable. Through this, client advisors benefit from more efficient workflows in their usual work environment.

Flowable Engage also brings numerous advantages for customers. Open the app, select a contact and you can ask questions, order data changes or request a consultation – all within familiar communication channels. Whether WhatsApp, WeChat or other messenger applications – companies meet their customers within popular communication services and as a result are easily and personally accessible. This creates close customer contact despite social distancing and remote work.

Especially for regulated industries: Legally documented customer dialogue

What is also critical: communication is legally compliant and audit-proof. The entire audit trail is always available, any documentation is automatically archived and remains with the company, regardless of the respective consultant or service employee.

From potential to profit

While the features mentioned above represent a decisive step towards successful customer service for companies even without a crisis, the current situation makes the application not only a means for the maintenance of previous service quality, it even improves it. Therefore, Flowable is pleased to support companies in their digital transformation especially now and contribute to their success despite the crisis. By keeping their ability to act and even improve their performance through Flowable Engage, companies differentiate themselves from competitors and master the current challenges they’re facing.

Global solution approach

In order to provide support to as many companies as possible with Flowable Engage, Flowable did everything in its power to communicate the solution globally during the last few weeks. The quick measures via email, social media and website were only possible through the cross-national cooperation of our teams and should transform the potential of Flowable Engage into profits of companies worldwide over the next weeks.

Would you like to learn more about using Messenger in customer service? Then check out our how to guide “How messenger services improve your customer service and increase process quality”.

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