Flowable Engage enables customer-oriented communication in times of social distancing

APRIL 16, 2020

With the implementation of WhatsApp into any existing infrastructure Flowable Engage enables companies like banks or insurances to deliver great customer advise even when working from home. This makes Flowable Engage the perfect solution in times of social distancing due to the current crisis.

After already numerous customers have benefited from the advantages of the messenger integration, Flowable is now supporting banks, insurances and other companies to deliver best performances despite branch closures and while working from home. By using popular channels as WhatsApp or WeChat for customer service, direct and personal communication becomes possible – even without face-to-face contact.

Both, companies and their customers, are benefiting from Flowable Engage: Easy chatting, personal communication, messaging documentation and more efficient services within familiar applications. These benefits not only improve customer experiences but also lead to increased revenue in a legally compliant way.

The entire audit trail of communication is always available, including the conversation or correspondence itself. The documentation can be archived and is retained even if the advisor leaves the bank. The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to integrate archiving systems without much effort. The existing archiving processes can be used and adapted to the client’s needs.

“Flowable enables us to create new digital processes and applications very quickly. This allows us to expand our service offering in an agile manner according to our needs.” Paul Burd, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SDX

Flowable is delighted to provide support for any company: Whether it is to improve customer communication to enhance workflows or to master the digital challenge that is currently interfering with established structures – Flowable Engage revolutionizes customer communication and can be up and running within 2 weeks.

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