Elevating cancer care follow-up using Flowable – a use case by Digital Workforce

DECEMBER 6, 2023

Digital Workforce is an automation service provider focused on driving efficiency across diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. With a history of integrating industry-leading technologies like Blue Prism, UI Path, and Microsoft, Digital Workforce presented a use case at a leading Nordic University Hospital focusing on cancer care during FlowFest'23.

Drivers for automation: navigating healthcare challenges

The Nordic University Hospital involved in this use case has a total of 6000 breast cancer patients that go through different treatment and follow-up cycles in a span of 5 years. Due to COVID-19 and the increased workload at the Nordic University Hospital, cancer follow-up cycles were delayed up to 10 months. The Nordic University Hospital worked with Digital Workforce to implement several changes and updates in clinical protocols with the goal of providing patients with quality care amid an increasing workload. Digital Workforce outlined four main goals to improve healthcare processes:

  1. Streamline workflows to support busy clinicians and enhance overall operational efficiency.

  2. Unify scattered data in healthcare systems to provide management with comprehensive insights for better decision-making.

  3. Focus on integration capabilities, bridging the gap between new acquisitions and legacy systems, particularly, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

  4. Fast, efficient, and reliable data migration between legacy and new systems to ensure patient safety and continuity of care.

Drivers for automation: combining technologies to increase efficiency

Digital Workforce, as an RPA-native organization, faced some limitations when developing a new solution for the Nordic University Hospital: more impactful solutions considering the complex healthcare process end-to-end were not possible due to the constraints of pure RPA. To overcome this challenge, Digital Workforce used Flowable to orchestrate systems, data, and people. Flowable, a powerful orchestration tool, seamlessly integrates the various technologies needed in this use case, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and EMR systems. The entire process, from scheduling diagnostic tests, to communicating results, was orchestrated with Flowable, providing more efficiency and consistency.

Our clients are impressed at how quickly we can enable true operational transformation with Flowable.

Juha Järvi, Global Head of Healthcare, Digital Workforce

The rapid development capabilities of Flowable contributed to substantial productivity gains, especially in healthcare, where 24/7 SLA-based maintenance and supervision ensure continuous, reliable operations. The urgency in healthcare demands swift responses, making Flowable a critical component of the transformative journey of the Nordic University Hospital.

Improving cancer care with automation

Digital Workforce expects to improve cancer care processes on three main levels:

  • Less manual workload for better patient care: by fully automating breast cancer surveillance for the entire five-year treatment period, clinicians will be able to focus more on quality care for patients.

  • Increased transparency: by streamlining information and communication and providing monitoring, patient safety will increase, overall improving doctors' and patients' satisfaction.

  • Personalized care: by implementing new clinical protocols based on patient preferences, new treatment practices, or risk stratification, clinicians will be able to provide personalized care.

Digital Workforce's initiative showcased during FlowFest'23 underscores the pivotal role of automation in addressing healthcare challenges. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the collaboration between technology and healthcare providers becomes increasingly important. An orchestration tool like Flowable becomes key in bringing together all relevant systems, data, and stakeholders in one platform.

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