AdobeStock_276700411, Sergey Nivens
Business | FEBRUARY 20, 2024
Combining AI and BPA for sustainable competitive advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business landscape requires a strategic foundation that goes beyond traditional levers of business growth. BPA lays an important foundation for embracing new technologies such as AI.

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Business | FEBRUARY 13, 2024
Harmony or disruption: is Generative AI set to replace Business Process Automation?

Will Generative AI replace BPA? We asked Paul Holmes-Higgin, who is co-founder of Flowable and has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence

iStock-1048227408, imaginima
Business | JANUARY 9, 2024
Decoding Gartner’s Hyperautomation trends for 2024 – a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape 

Explore Gartner’s Hyperautomation trends for 2024! From Fusion Teams breaking IT-Business silos to AI augmenting capabilities, this comprehensive overview dives into the evolving landscape of strategic automation.

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Business | JANUARY 8, 2024
A look at Gartner’s low-code trends for 2024

From IT democratization to the rising trends in composable business architectures, Gartner's projections shed light on the key developments shaping the low-code landscape in 2024.

AdobeStock 161655931, Jacob Lund
Business | DECEMBER 7, 2023
Citizen Developers at Kindred Credit Union

By using citizen development Kindred Credit Union boosted development productivity, and enhanced the organization's agility without compromising operational responsibilities.

Business | DECEMBER 6, 2023
Elevating cancer care follow-up using Flowable – a use case by Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce used Flowable to streamline workflows at a leading Nordic University Hospital, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


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